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"Jennifer Davis is a Minneapolis-based artist known for her colorful, imaginative paintings of surreal and whimsical characters. She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions at venues such as The Minneapolis Institute of Arts (Minneapolis, MN); The DeVos Art Museum (Marquette, MI); Foster Museum (Eau Claire, WI); Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History (Santa Cruz, CA); The Lesher Center for the Arts (San Francisco, CA); ArtSpace (Raleigh, NC); Turchin Center for the Visual Arts (Boone, NC), as well as several galleries in major cities across the United States, Canada and Europe. Davis is a recipient of the 2013 Next Step Fund Grant from the Minnesota Regional Arts Council/McKnight Foundation. She holds a BFA from the University of Minnesota."

"Minneapolis-based painter Jennifer Davis possesses a highly developed sensibility for pattern and color, creating an almost tangible world of strange creatures that seem to live and breathe, despite their simplified forms."

- Juxtapoz


"Endlessly inventive and gently strange, her characters are simultaneously unsettling and endlessly appealing. With tiny eyes and zipper mouths, they bumble haplessly about, falling into dreamy reveries or tumbling into ponds. Davis' endlessly fertile imagination is well served by her linear style and pale palette."

- Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Jennifer’s paintings speak first to her fantastic sense of humor, but they linger in the mind because of her extraordinary sense of color and design. The lines and forms that compose her painted worlds are abstractions from our material world but are more elegant than simple cartoons. Her characters are filled with life, whimsy, and theatrical energy. They engage the viewer with an invitation to come and smile. Jennifer’s paintings are like postcards from another more fabulous world."

- Frock Gallery, Ypres, Belgium


"It can be said that her paintings are self-portraits, but not in any staid sense of the word. She appears in each composition—like an avatar of many guises—her primary incarnation as a wide-eyed girl who is mild yet ever-vigilant. She is patient with aliens, a friend to plants and animals; always serving as a protector for the meek and those who can not run. She is, indeed, the mistress of her domain."

- C. Randall, Executive Director of Swansong Gallery


"From grooming pets to enjoying the humor of an orange slice, or the curious foliage of a houseplant, these images are a celebration of the simple pleasures in life"

- Annah Lee, Director of Artistic Programs at Artspace

Land acknowledgment: I feel compelled to mention this and I hope it doesn't seem clunky or performative. I think this is important.

I live and work in Mni Sota Makoce (Minnesota) the traditional homeland of the Dakhóta Oyáte (Dakota People -who have lived here for thousands of years) which was unfairly ceded in the Treaties of 1837/1851. The Ojibwe and other Indigenous nations have cared for this land as well. 

The home studio of Minneapolis Artist Jennifer Davis featuring her desk, worktable, a sofa and a wall of colorful paintings.
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