Spring - Large Engineer PRINT


A giant print of my painting, "Spring", made on paper typically used for architectural plans- an Engineer Print.

It's extra lightweight paper and an affordable way to fill up big walls.


More photos of the original painting, "Spring", in my shop!


This is a "print on demand print"...I will order one for you after your purchase it and send you the tracking info when it is on the way to you!


3'x3' (36'x36") includes an approx 4" border for framing.

The round artwork area is approx 29" across.


How to hang a round print???

- You could use a large square frame containing a round mat.

- Round frames are a thing! (Google "Extra-Large Round Picture Frames")

- You could use Poster Rails. (Google "Large Poster Rails")

- You could make a Washi-Tape frame by taping around the edges directly to the wall. (Google "Washi Tape Poster Frame")

Spring - Large Engineer PRINT