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Hire me for your mural project!
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How much does a mural cost?
It depends on many factors- complexity of design, size of the wall/s, number of colors (cost of materials), travel budget (if needed), wall texture, etc.
I typically charge $25-30 per square foot. 

Are payment plans available?
Yes! Two payments upfront and two after completion.


How can I fund a mural for my neighborhood or business?

There are lots of ways to get funding to bring a mural to your town or business.

- Volunteer space on your wall for your local mural festival or group such as Chromazone Mural Festival (St Paul, MN) or Murals & More (in Cedar Rapids, IA.) There are groups like this popping up all over the place!

- Team up with neighboring businesses to raise funds to beautify and activate your area

- Apply for a grant through your city or neighborhood group

- Enlist private donors

- Host a fundraiser 

- Get your city government involved 

How does the whole process work?
The process involves a budget agreement, a contract, partial upfront payment, concept/color design approval, painting the mural (I work with my partner of 28 years, Brad!), final payment upon completion...etc.

Sometimes permits, insurance, lift or scaffolding rentals are needed too.


Why is this website so terrible?

I'm really bad at making this website but painting is my specialty.

Let's chat!


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