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  •  Coming SOON: 

New Prints!

12x16" prints of my "Ghost" painting will be available via Sebastian Foster's Fall Print Set- stay tuned.

(Follow us on Instagram for updates? @JenniferDavisArt and @sebastian_foster_

  •  Minnesota Artists Penny Press

I'm honored to participate in this forthcoming project by Alyssa Bagus:

An old-school penny pressing machine featuring images from local (MN) artists!

More info coming soon but you can read about it 

via Minneapolis St Paul Magazine now- Check it out!

  •  Rochester Art Center

The Gallery Shop at the Rochester Art Center in Rochester, MN is now carrying my full line of 5.5x5.5" mini prints.

They're $23 each and they make great gifts. (Photos of their cute display on my Instagram.)

They're also available any time in my online shop.

  •  I finally have a new Web Shop

I've been attempting to move away from Etsy for a Very Long Time and my new shop is finally LIVE!

Click "Shop" at the top of this page to check it out. =0)

AND- I now accept payment plans/layaway via Afterpay!

(Click Afterpay at checkout, enjoy your purchase now, and pay in four interest-free installments.)

  •  The List

I've been invited to join "The List!"  A beautifully curated collective established to support small businesses.

This is a great place to #ShopSMall as 100% of the proceeds go to the artisans and many are offering discounts via the site.

Check out the makers:​​​​​​

  •  We made a music video!

"Only Smoke" by Munson-Hicks PartySupplies 

Check it out on Youtube

Read all about it via Americana UK,

Illustrations by Jennifer Davis

Animation by Joshua Sundby

Performed by an augmented Munson-Hicks Party Supplies: John Munson, vocals, bass; Kelly Hogan, vocals; Nora O’Connor, vocals; Zacc Harris, guitar; Jeremy Ylvisaker, guitar; Dylan Hicks, piano; Richard Medek, drums. 

Song by Dylan Hicks

Produced by John Munson and Dylan Hicks

Mixed by Jason Orris

BUY the album here.​

  • Artillery - Film and TV Art Licensing

I'm excited to announce my new partnership with Artillery - Art With a Bang!
Artillery is a "creative agency offering cleared art resources for Film + Tv productions as well as project management, consultation, and art direction for fine art exhibitions and installations."

Exciting update- My art will appear on the permanent set of a tv show that is in production in NY as we speak. ;0)
License my art for YOUR project? More info on my blog.


The release of this 400 page, 10x10" hardcover book has been delayed due to Covid- 19 (do I sound like a broken record?!) but the new pre-order date is set for Mar. 21, 2021 (Ship date 4/21/21!)

It's a beautiful book full of photos and artwork of Bub- including a couple of my paintings of her! 


  • Sebastian Foster

Sebastian Foster in Austin, TX has added several more of my original paintings to their shop.

Click here to see them.​​​

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