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News & Events

  • Where to find my art now:

- My Shop (Minneapolis,MN)

- My Murals (Want one? Hire me!)

- TeePublic (online merch shop)

- Frock Gallery (Ypres, Belgium)

- Sebastian Foster (Austin, TX)

- Nahcotta (Portsmouth, NH)

Rubine Red Gallery (Palm Springs, CA)

- Nucleus (Portland, OR)

- Rochester Art Center Gift Shop

- Greeting Cards (wholesale and retail pricing)

- Mini Prints at: Corazon (Minneapolis, MN), Visual Index (Winston-Salem, NC), Rochester Art Center (Rochester, MN), and TinyShowcase (online)

- LaNef / Jennifer Davis Chocolate Bars at La Nef Chocolate

  • ​​​ Collect Call 5 at Soo Visual Arts Center in Minneapolis, MN

"an exhibition series where SooVAC invites Minnesota collectors to share a portion of their collection with the public, allowing them to share works signifying a lifelong commitment to the arts and the artists that have ignited their passion for collecting."

My work will be exhibited courtesy of collectors Mark and Amy Spencer

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 11, 2024, 6-9 PM

Show Runs: May 11 – June 21, 2024

More info at

  • ​​​ Salut 9 Coaster Art Show

at Nucleus Gallery in Portland, OR

HUNDREDS of hand-painted beverage coasters by an amazing roster of artists for $72 each.

I'm honored to participate again this year- check out my previous submissions here and here.

Reception: June 2nd 4-6pm

(Remaining coasters should hit the shop shortly thereafter. Mine will be here.)

  • ​​​ My Art On Chocolate Bars!

My painting, "Night Flower" is featured on a new Chocolate Bar from La Nef Chocolate.

33% Cacao Belgian Milk Chocolate with Roasted Hazelnuts

Order online or find them at a shop near you.


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  • We made a music video:

"Only Smoke" by Munson-Hicks PartySupplies 

Check it out on Youtube

Read all about it via Americana UK,

Illustrations by Jennifer Davis

Animation by Joshua Sundby

Performed by an augmented Munson-Hicks Party Supplies: John Munson, vocals, bass; Kelly Hogan, vocals; Nora O’Connor, vocals; Zacc Harris, guitar; Jeremy Ylvisaker, guitar; Dylan Hicks, piano; Richard Medek, drums. 

Song by Dylan Hicks

Produced by John Munson and Dylan Hicks

Mixed by Jason Orris

BUY the album here.​​​​​​​​​

  • Artillery - Film and TV Art Licensing

I'm excited to share my new partnership with Artillery - Art With a Bang!
Artillery is a "creative agency offering cleared art resources for Film + TV productions as well as project management, consultation, and art direction for fine art exhibitions and installations."

Through this partnership, I have licenced my art to several movies and tv shows including Mean Girls, Genie, Gossip Girl, and more.
License my art for YOUR project? More info on my blog.​ ​

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