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News & Events

  • Where to find/buy my art now:

- My Shop (Minneapolis,MN)

- Gamut Gallery (Minneapolis,MN)

- Frock Gallery (Ypres, Belgium)

- Sebastian Foster (Austin, TX)

- Nahcotta (Portsmouth, NH)

Rubine Red Gallery (Palm Springs, CA)

- Nucleus (Portland, OR)

- TeePublic (online merch shop)

- Mini Prints at: Visual Index (Winston-Salem, NC), Rochester Art Center (Rochester, MN), and TinyShowcase (online)

A Lowbrow Illustrative Art Show Curated by ChuckU

14 artists!

Show Runs Through Aug 30th

Opening Party Fri Sept 8th (info and tickets here)

I made 4 new paintings for the show and you can see them online here.

  • Enormous Tiny Art Show 34 at Nahcotta in Portsmouth, NH

Sept 1- 29, 2023

I made 6 new 8" round paintings- they are available online now!

  • 2023 ChromaZone Pop-Up Exhibit at New Studio in St Paul, MN

A selection of ChromaZone Mural Festival Alumni will exhibit works at the New Studio Architecture & Gallery space.

FOUR DAYS ONLY: Thursday, Sept. 14 - Sunday, Sept 17

Reception Thurs Sept 14 from 6-8 with light refreshments from Naughty Greek and Bang Brewing

  • Drop In Skate Deck Art Show

at Modist Brewing in Minneapolis, MN 

Decks are online for purchase- mine is here!

Closing Party Fri Aug 25th : info

  • ​​ New Mural in Cedar Rapids, IA

My partner, Brad, and I just finished up a big new mural called "Friendship Garden" at The Arc of East Central Iowa in Cedar Rapids.

Check it out on my blog!

  • ​​ Flying Colors at Nahcotta in Portsmouth, NH

New paintings! 

Check em out here :

I posted some photos from the show on My Instagram page.

  •  New Merch! Hoodies, Tees, Totes, Mugs and lots more

I'm trying out something new- A merch shop! 

Check out MY NEW TeePublic Shop

  •  Chromazone Mural Festival in St. Paul, MN

I've just finished my new "Bird Friend" mural for the 2022 Chromazone Mural Festival!

Pics, vids and location info on my blog and my Instagram.

Download a map of the 50+ murals in St Paul's "Creative Enterprise Zone" for a self-guided walking tour. 

  • Wanna Read My Newsletter?

Sign up here.

  •  Prints, Prints, Prints at Sebastian Foster in Austin, TX

Sebastian Foster is featuring tons of my prints: new prints, old prints, exclusive prints: available online here: Jennifer Davis at Sebastian Foster​​​​

  • We made a music video:

"Only Smoke" by Munson-Hicks PartySupplies 

Check it out on Youtube

Read all about it via Americana UK,

Illustrations by Jennifer Davis

Animation by Joshua Sundby

Performed by an augmented Munson-Hicks Party Supplies: John Munson, vocals, bass; Kelly Hogan, vocals; Nora O’Connor, vocals; Zacc Harris, guitar; Jeremy Ylvisaker, guitar; Dylan Hicks, piano; Richard Medek, drums. 

Song by Dylan Hicks

Produced by John Munson and Dylan Hicks

Mixed by Jason Orris

BUY the album here.​

  •  Rochester Art Center

The Gallery Shop at the Rochester Art Center in Rochester, MN is now carrying my full line of 5.5 x 5.5" mini prints.

They're $23 each and they make great gifts. (Photos of their cute display on my Instagram.)

They're also available any time in my online shop.​​​​​​​​

  • Artillery - Film and TV Art Licensing

I'm excited to announce my new partnership with Artillery - Art With a Bang!
Artillery is a "creative agency offering cleared art resources for Film + Tv productions as well as project management, consultation, and art direction for fine art exhibitions and installations."

Exciting update- My art will appear on the permanent set of a tv show that is in production in NY as we speak. ;0)
License my art for YOUR project? More info on my blog.​ ​


A 10x10", 400 page hardcover book about everybody's favorite space cat - available now via her website.

It's a beautiful book full of photos and artwork of Bub- including a couple of my paintings of her! ​​

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