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  •  2022 "Get Lucky Annual Fundraiser at SooVAC in Mpls, MN

This is the 14th year in a row I have donated a painting Soo Visual Art Center's annual gala fundraiser event, Get Lucky!

This year I chose "Two Horses" - I think it is kinda silly and fun- but it def has a claustrophobic nervous energy that seems to be going around these days.

Tickets are available to attend in person at timed entry slots (Fri Jan 20th, 5:30-10pm) 


BID ONLINE FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME (1/27 11am - 1/29 11:30pm!)

Full details on how to participate at

  •  Sebastian Foster Fall Print Set

Featuring brand new prints by 19 Sebastian Foster Gallery Artists.

My "Ghost" print is 12x16", $50- get yours here.

  •  Minnesota Artists Penny Press at SooVAC in Mpls

On Sunday, Nov 14, 2021 Alyssa Baguss will be at Soo Visual Arts Center in Minneapolis with the 

Minnesota Artists Penny Press

An old-school penny pressing machine featuring art images from four MN artists.

Stop in from 1-4 pm to create keychains, jewelry, and zipper pulls with penny artwork by

Kelly Abeln, Julie Buffolohead, Jennifer Davis and Ruthann Godollei

(I'll be stopping by at 1 if you wanna say "hi!")

Bring 4 quarters per pressed penny! Or you can get change at SooVAC.

Peep some photos of the pennies, the machine and the earrings I made via my Instagram.

Order the set of 4 pressed pennies for $10 via DM/Venmo via @AyssaBaguss

  • We made a music video:

"Only Smoke" by Munson-Hicks PartySupplies 

Check it out on Youtube

Read all about it via Americana UK,

Illustrations by Jennifer Davis

Animation by Joshua Sundby

Performed by an augmented Munson-Hicks Party Supplies: John Munson, vocals, bass; Kelly Hogan, vocals; Nora O’Connor, vocals; Zacc Harris, guitar; Jeremy Ylvisaker, guitar; Dylan Hicks, piano; Richard Medek, drums. 

Song by Dylan Hicks

Produced by John Munson and Dylan Hicks

Mixed by Jason Orris

BUY the album here.​

  •  Rochester Art Center

The Gallery Shop at the Rochester Art Center in Rochester, MN is now carrying my full line of 5.5x5.5" mini prints.

They're $23 each and they make great gifts. (Photos of their cute display on my Instagram.)

They're also available any time in my online shop.

  •  I finally have a new Web Shop

I've been attempting to move away from Etsy for a Very Long Time and my new shop is finally LIVE.

Click "Shop" at the top of this page to visit =0)

AND- I now accept payment plans/layaway via Afterpay

(Click Afterpay at checkout, enjoy your purchase now, and pay in four interest-free installments.)​​​​​​​​

  • Artillery - Film and TV Art Licensing

I'm excited to announce my new partnership with Artillery - Art With a Bang!
Artillery is a "creative agency offering cleared art resources for Film + Tv productions as well as project management, consultation, and art direction for fine art exhibitions and installations."

Exciting update- My art will appear on the permanent set of a tv show that is in production in NY as we speak. ;0)
License my art for YOUR project? More info on my blog.


A 10x10", 400 page hardcover book about everybody's favorite space cat - available now via her website.

It's a beautiful book full of photos and artwork of Bub- including a couple of my paintings of her! 


  • Sebastian Foster

Sebastian Foster in Austin, TX has added several more of my original paintings to their shop.

Click here to see them.​​​

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