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Custom Pet Portraits

You provide the photos and I'll paint your pet!

-Update 8/28/23: I'm back on another hiatus from making custom paintings...

I'm about to paint another little mural in Mpls but I'm hoping to turn my Pet Portrait listings back on before the end of summer...

Want to receive an email notification when I am back in action?

Send me an email at

Order here.

Three sizes:
- Small (4x6" or 5x5") $135
- Med (8x8") $260
- Lrg (11x14") $560

Custom Pet Portrait Gift Certificates (digital or printable) are also available for the same prices.

See many more examples of my pet portraits here.
I am open to your ideas about background colors/designs or happy to surprise you.

Click the "Shop" link above to see more of my available artworks.

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