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I found a stash of hand-made earrings in the back of a drawer!

I don't have time to photograph, measure and list these earrings separately so I'm throwing this together and selling them on the cheap.



1- Long Gray with Dots

2- Round White with Pink/Blue Splatter

3- Large Peach Drops with Blue Swirl

4- Grey Drops with Green Spots

5- Long Peach with Splatters

6- Round Grey with Green Spots

7- Green Drops with Blue/Gray Splats

8- Hand-Painted Red Drops (These are made of craft foam, not solid paint like the others)

9- Long White with Splatter



- $16 each, sold separately

- All of these (except #8) are made of 100% paint!

I pour the paint and then cut out the shapes when it dries.

(#8 are made of hand-painted craft foam)

- They are very lightweight

- See photos with ruler and quarter added for size/scale.

- Contact me with questions:

- Sold "As Is" but I'll polish them up before I ship!



- earrings front

- earrings numbered for order selection 

- earrings back

- earrings with a quarter for scale

- earrings with a ruler for scale

- me wearing some other earrings from this batch (Most were sold at a craft market a few years ago...Everything I have left is in this listing!)

HandMade/HandPainted Earrings - 9 pairs, sold sep

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