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I don't make these paintings anymore but people ask for them a lot-

so here ya have it: PRINTS!


These prints are:

- $125 each including FREE Continental US SHIPPING (Let me know if you want two or more- I'll make you a deal?)

- 11w x 14h" same size as the original paintings

- richly colored giclee printing on archival matte paper

- unframed, without border

Oh- and they have all of the little flaws and blips of the original paintings- because they were hand-painted on real paper shooting targets (cheap paper made for shooting not framing)


There's no way for me to list them all here but you can see a bunch on my blog:

Email me the title and photo of the one/s you want:

(I have hi-res files of MOST of these so I'll have to check before proceeding...)


Let's see how this works?!



Photo 1- A selection of targets from my 2014 show, "Bulletproof", at Low Gallery in San Diego, CA.

Photo 2- Two framed targets in my studio

Photo 3- Movie Monster targests: Frankenstein's Monster, Sasquatch, Swamp Monsters and Vampire

Photo 4- Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid 

Photo 5- Pac Man & Donkey Kong

Photo 6- Some flora & fauna designs for "Art Is My Weapon" exhibitions in MN 2017ish?

Photo 7-  Installation photo from "Free Association" at DeVos Gallery in MI 2013

Photo 8- Pile of painted targets

Photo 9- Framed targets with my friend's adorable baby for scale

Photo 10-  Installation photo from my 2014 show, "Bulletproof", at Low Gallery in San Diego, CA.

Prints of Painted Paper Shooting Targets

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