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I hand-painted these three sheets of imaginary insects and bugs for a project with Djeco, a French toy company, back in 2016.

It was a coloring project called "Cabinet of Curiosities"- see photos 3-6 on each listing. 

(The Djeco coloring project toy is not included in this listing! The listing is for the original paintings only.)

I think these sheets would look nice in frames?


Acrylic paint with graphite outlines on sturdy, archival watercolor paper.

Signed on the bottom right.


Sheet 1: $200 Fourteen Bugs and Insects $200, 11w x 14.25h"

Sheet 2: $175 Twelve Bugs and Insects $175, 11w x 14.25h"

Sheet 3: $100 Four Butterflies $150, approx 11w x 7h"

Hand-Painted Insects and Bugs - 3 Sheets, Sold Separately

PriceFrom $100.00
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